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Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

Before I start, just wanna point out what my friend posted on my wall in Facebook regarding the powers that the fighers obtain in Ikkitousen; “the stone is passed down through generation, from their ancestor, who’s people from the three kingdom dynasty and each gem, or stone holds the exact same destiny on the character same as their ancestor, e.g how lubu betray his godfather, dongzhuo.” Hope that does clear out some doubts from my earlier post. Now after watching season 2 of Ikkitousen, I think I have a slight better understanding about the anime and how related are the characters are to their ancestors and stuff…

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First of all, let me just say I was not happy at all with what happened earlier last night. (or early mornings if you make a fuss about it) Just when I wanted to do my normal things online (and wanting to write this post as well) the whole neghborhood had a blackout. At first I though my fusebox shorted out when my fan and lights weren’t working, and the the wall socket near my laptop wouldn’t work (and switch to another electrical point) and then finally the whole house had no electricity, which pisses the sh*t out of me. Don’t remember how long the blackout lasted, but by the time I woke up everything was okay again. Thankfully I managed to finish watching Ikkitousen prior to the blackout…

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Ore no Imouto

Just finished watching Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (that is a heck of a long title, but I’ll say it as Ore no Imouto or Oreimo for short) earlier and well, I guess the anime was so-so in a way. Not to say the anime was boring or anything, but it isn’t exactly as good as I thought it would be either. Its fun to watch for a bit of laughter and seeing how a brother-sister relationship kinda works out, but other than that its… its… its somewhat like your typical school themed anime. Nothing really special or exciting…

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Highschool Of The Dead

Wow… I think I’m just utterly surprised after watching the last episode, not saying that I wasn’t really expecting much but rather… I never knew how good this anime was! In my mind Highschool Of The Dead has got to be the best anime of 2010, no doubt about it. Although when I first watched it earlier I could barely even stomach the sheer violence that was shown (violent is really an understatement here) but after going through a few more episodes I managed to watch it very pleasantly and I was even able to eat KFC while watching this without puking out! XD
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Strike Witches 2

Oh wow… I can’t believe its been well over a year since I watched the first season of Strike Witches but after watching the second season I still think this is one heck of a good anime to watch. Well sure, the amount of pantsu in Strike Witches is still as much as the first season (maybe even more?) but I think how the story progress from the last episode of season 1 was what I liked the most. The ending (oh and especially the ending) was one of the best endings I’ve watched in quite some time. I just hope Gonzo don’t ruin it with a third season. (not that I mind)

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Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Its been  a week or some since I last watch some anime, especially with my final exam in college last week I had to concentrate on that rather than anime (well, I did watch some other things though haha…) Also, I’m “supposed” to have my internship started this week but since my college told me they haven’t arranged my internship venue yet I still have a couple of days/weeks left to watch something.Oh, I kinda forgot to post this one up and had just finished watching it a couple of hours ago and I got to say I kinda liked watching Shinryaku! Ika Musume… degesou!!! XD

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Seikon no Qwaser

Finally after getting some sleep after watching Seikon no Qwaser from the afternoon until the next morning I guess I could finally post this review up, even though it is not gonna be much lol. Anyway, comparing this with Queen’s Blade in terms of fan service and I’m honestly surprised at how much nudity this anime has compared to Queen’s blade!!! Not even a minute into the first episode and there were already a nude scene and already plenty of violence. Sounds a bit much eh? Going through each episode reveals even more violence and nudity lol, and this anime was very close to becoming a full hentai anime! (more on that later) But for now, lets just concentrate on what The Qwaser of Stigmata (the English title by the way) is all about…

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