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Its been a while since I last written anything, and I haven’t had enough time to watch any anime over the past few weeks either. Also I might add, this review is a few days late to when I’m supposed to post it. I’m a bit unwell over the past few days so I guess everything is kinda slow as it normally would be. Anyhow, I’m not really gonna do a long post about Koihime Musou here apart from saying that its really boring. No, not boring… average. (I guess)

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Monster/ghost story… stories about… vampires, crabs, snails, monkeys, snakes, cats, humans & apparitions. The story you don’t know… its so far-fetched you wouldn’t believe Bakemonogatari is anything but an anime from a unrealistic hypocrite’s mind. Nothing makes sense… and sense makes nothing! But I guess that is what kinda appeals about this anime. Seriously, this is the best anime I’ve ever watched in my life! I would even dare to say that this anime is perfect in every single way, there has not been one single flaw about it.

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Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

If there is one word that could summarizes what Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt (will keep it as PSG for short in this review) is all about, its vulgar. Extremely vulgar… to make it even more insulting, think of it as something as innocent as a The Powerpuff Girls cartoon, and throw in ever single adult content you could ever think of. I seriously thought PSG was pretty awesome when I first heard about it last year, but I was fully blown away with the contents that was in the anime. Its seriously awesome there is no other way I could describe it other than it being… awesome!!!

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Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

Oh finally, after 4 straight days of watching Ikkitousen from the first season until the fourth (which is this one) I’m finished with Ikkitousen! (or maybe not) It was well worth watching all of them in my opinion… (not sure if its for everyone though) Although Great Guardians was a bit disappointing, I think Xtreme Xecutor did far better than that and maybe just as good (maybe?) as the second season’s Dragon Destiny. Yeah, there were some good parts and some bad parts but at least it wasn’t as boring as the previous season or anything…

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Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

Kinda forgot to write about this honestly, lol. Managed to finish watching it by 8pm last night and well… I guess what other people said about Ikkitousen: Great Guardians was true. The fact is, after coming from a good season such as Dragon Destiny you would expect this season to be better right? Boy was I totally wrong… its a whole lot (and I mean a lot) worse than the first 2 seasons!!! I mean, its just lack in everything in a sense. The story was mostly boring, the fights was even more boring, and the ending was too lackluster. But yeah, same can’t be said about the fan-service though…

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Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

Before I start, just wanna point out what my friend posted on my wall in Facebook regarding the powers that the fighers obtain in Ikkitousen; “the stone is passed down through generation, from their ancestor, who’s people from the three kingdom dynasty and each gem, or stone holds the exact same destiny on the character same as their ancestor, e.g how lubu betray his godfather, dongzhuo.” Hope that does clear out some doubts from my earlier post. Now after watching season 2 of Ikkitousen, I think I have a slight better understanding about the anime and how related are the characters are to their ancestors and stuff…

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First of all, let me just say I was not happy at all with what happened earlier last night. (or early mornings if you make a fuss about it) Just when I wanted to do my normal things online (and wanting to write this post as well) the whole neghborhood had a blackout. At first I though my fusebox shorted out when my fan and lights weren’t working, and the the wall socket near my laptop wouldn’t work (and switch to another electrical point) and then finally the whole house had no electricity, which pisses the sh*t out of me. Don’t remember how long the blackout lasted, but by the time I woke up everything was okay again. Thankfully I managed to finish watching Ikkitousen prior to the blackout…

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