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Hanasaku Iroha anyone?

Just though I add another preview for what is yet another randomly good anime. The reception itself seems pretty good for a new anime, and well… its an anime with a plot as the main subject rather than the usual “slice of life” anime or the usual moe-blob and fan-serviced anime but then again whatever I guess. The animation doesn’t look half bad either! I’m not gonna watch this immediately though, might wait until the anime is completed first or when the DVD/Blu Ray comes out then I might watch this, just for the sake of watching! LOL…

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Steins;Gate anime is out…

Yeah, I always thought about seeing this become an anime even though I have never played the game before. But since it was made by the ever awesome Nitroplus, I bet this is gonna be just as good as ChΓ€oS;HEAd if not even better! XD Probably not gonna watch it right away though, I’ll wait until the series ends and when all the fansubs are all completed, or better yet… if the Blu Ray version was ripped and subbed as well! =D

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