Its been a while since I last written anything, and I haven’t had enough time to watch any anime over the past few weeks either. Also I might add, this review is a few days late to when I’m supposed to post it. I’m a bit unwell over the past few days so I guess everything is kinda slow as it normally would be. Anyhow, I’m not really gonna do a long post about Koihime Musou here apart from saying that its really boring. No, not boring… average. (I guess)

Basically its also another anime based on the “Romance Of The Three Kingdoms” which came from China, but rather than based on the manga it started out as a visual novel. (The manga did come out at the same time as the anime though) So yeah… it has obviously a fair amount of  fan-service, but nothing like what there was in Ikkitousen. Comparing the two together, both aren’t really that similar honestly. Ikkitousen has a more “mature” look to it, and the characters are a bit modern and avoids fighting using weapons (apart from a few scenes of course) while Koihime Musou had a more innocent looking characters (what I mean by innocent, I meant lolis… lol) and well, I guess it does closely follow the original Chinese novel more than Ikkitousen. Oh, and most of the characters in Koihime Musou are so moeeeeeee~!!!! XD (seriously, all of them look oh so cute lmfao)

The fighting scenes weren’t as great as Ikkitousen either honestly, but then again there were not much fighting in Koihime Musou either (maybe apart from the end) and really feels like the beginning of a long long story. I’m not really bothered to write the plot here, but so far after I watched… it was about Kanu Unchou who found Chouhi Yokutoku, and together they set out in search of “peace and order” in their country. (or well, something similar to that.) I don’t really know much apart from that but I guess maybe the second and third season will shine some light into the story yeah? Anyway, I’ll just end here for now and save anyone reading this from reading any more nonsense lol.

On another note though, I apologize if I haven’t written anything much inside this blog. I did have plenty of things to write at first but as time past on I really have no mood to write anything! Sooner or later I might just abandon blogging altogether and just keep up anime updates on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, maybe I will keep writing my nonsense here still? Just forget about that for now, I’m not really sure when else can I get to watch anime… =(


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