Monster/ghost story… stories about… vampires, crabs, snails, monkeys, snakes, cats, humans & apparitions. The story you don’t know… its so far-fetched you wouldn’t believe Bakemonogatari is anything but an anime from a unrealistic hypocrite’s mind. Nothing makes sense… and sense makes nothing! But I guess that is what kinda appeals about this anime. Seriously, this is the best anime I’ve ever watched in my life! I would even dare to say that this anime is perfect in every single way, there has not been one single flaw about it.

So what exactly am I blabbering about on the first paragraph? Nothing, just thought I made something up to make it look more interesting lol. But honestly, if you watched even the trailer or a short clip of Bakemonogatari you will probably think “wow, this is just mind boggling” and you’d be right. I watched the first episode and I could even barely keep up with how fast the story flows in the anime. There is this huge wall of texts, and so many scenes cutting in and out and the animation itself would just make you dizzy. However, that animation style (or whatever you would call it) also made it more exciting to watch! A sensory overload for the eyes, ears, and brain works far better than any fan-service! Surprisingly Bakemonogatari has one of the least fan serviced scenes in any anime I’ve watched so far over these past few months, although its still there in some part its not overly done like most of the anime you see out there. Very restrained so to speak.

So yeah… what exactly is Bakemonogatari? Well… what I first said was true, since “bakemono” means monster/ghost and “monogatari” means story in Japanese. Add those 2 words together and there you have it…  but I’m not really sure how to describe the story though. Basically you have this one guy named Koyomi Araragi who is almost human (he is a vampire prior to being saved by another guy named Meme Oshino) which with the help of him, Koyomi tries to rescue the other characters in the anime which are all in one way or another are possessed by these “apparitions” (or spirits in other words). Surprisingly, there are only 2 guys who are the main characters while the rest are all girls lol.

Okay, that aside from the animation style, characters and storyline the music itself  is just… amazingly good? Nah, words just doesn’t do it any justice… I mean I love almost every single song there was in the anime, and the scores (or background music or whatever) was also well made. Most of all though, the ending theme (or ED) made by Supercell feat. Nagi called “Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari” (The Story You Don’t Know) is the one I fell in love with the most. I just love watching the ending just to listen to the song! Heck, I think this is the only anime I liked watching both the opening and ending just for sake of it lol. Seriously, most of the anime I’ve watched I only watch the first opening and ending on the first episode and just skip watching it during the next episodes, but not this… =D

Overall, I swear whoever haven’t watch this yet is definitely missing out on something here. As much as I though Eden Of The East was the best from 2009, Bakemonogatari blew all of my expectations and it is just a masterpiece. I really do regard this as a future classic, surely its just so darn good to watch you will not regret it!  Perfect couldn’t really come close to describing this… (I might be blowing this out of proportion, but who cares?) and well, I just love it. Although the episodes aired on TV wasn’t really that “perfect” to be honest (Shaft being Shaft, there were parts where the animation was just appalling) but if you had the chance to watch it in DVD or Blu Ray format please do, as I don’t think you could ever enjoy watching a TV rip without complaining about something, whilst the Blu Ray version was just… perfect! Oh, you might think (such is with many other anime filled with fan service) that the DVD/BD versions are just slightly retouched and have all the censors removed to show the female charterers in all its uncensored glory, but you’d be surprised that there is no nip slip here folks! Well, maybe there was one or two but I’ll let that slide. Important thing is, thankfully the area where they improved the animation was the one where it counts most, rather than focusing on the fan-service side of the DVD/BD  part.

Oh well, I’m just glad that the ending is only the beginning. Second season will be up sometime soon, maybe by the end of this year or next year at earliest, the new season titled “Kizumonogatari” being made by the same people with the voice cast still remaining the same I guess. Oh I can’t wait for that to be aired in the near future…


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