Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt

If there is one word that could summarizes what Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt (will keep it as PSG for short in this review) is all about, its vulgar. Extremely vulgar… to make it even more insulting, think of it as something as innocent as a The Powerpuff Girls cartoon, and throw in ever single adult content you could ever think of. I seriously thought PSG was pretty awesome when I first heard about it last year, but I was fully blown away with the contents that was in the anime. Its seriously awesome there is no other way I could describe it other than it being… awesome!!!

Funny thing is, the creator of PSG are Gainax which were the same producer that made several well known anime such as Gurren Lagann, FLCL, Neon Genesis Avengelion and probably several others made this anime as well! Totally different from all their previous work, and when the first time people watch this (the main picture is not exactly a good representation of PSG), you will probably think that… “wait, this doesn’t look anything like an anime” or something like that yeah? I guess I was surprised at first too, but then again I think the anime’s uniqueness kinda makes it more interesting to watch. Oh, and lets not get started about the contents lol…

So the actual contents, what is it basically about then? Two angels were sent to earth in order to kill the “ghosts” that are terrorizing the city of Daten City. The catch is, they are doing this so they could collect enough “coins” in order to go back to heaven. Also, their weapons are formed using their undergarments. (hence, why its called Panty & Stocking) But the anime was so full of sexual contents, dirty jokes and swearing you wouldn’t believe its actually from Japan! Heck, this would make any hentai look a bit sedated compared to PSG… (I don’t remember any single anime which had the word f*** and s*** said so many times, and they were swearing in English lol!)

I’m honestly very impressed with PSG, its just something nice and different to watch imo. Although sadly it isn’t for everyone (not for kids definitely) and some people may be put of with the contents, but if it were me I would still enjoy watching it nonetheless. Might give it a try and watch it, I’m sure you will like it! Also I did noticed that on the last episode they did mention that a second season would be produced in the near future but it has not yet been confirmed if it was green lighted though. Oh, but if they did I will still probably watch it for teh lulz… XD


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