Ikkitousen: Xtreme Xecutor

Oh finally, after 4 straight days of watching Ikkitousen from the first season until the fourth (which is this one) I’m finished with Ikkitousen! (or maybe not) It was well worth watching all of them in my opinion… (not sure if its for everyone though) Although Great Guardians was a bit disappointing, I think Xtreme Xecutor did far better than that and maybe just as good (maybe?) as the second season’s Dragon Destiny. Yeah, there were some good parts and some bad parts but at least it wasn’t as boring as the previous season or anything…

Sadly it somehow feels a bit incomplete for some reason. Its lacking in some parts and Xtreme Xecutor, just as it was the case with Great Guardians, it follows little in common with the actual Three Kingdom storyline. Maybe after season 2 the producers thought it was a great idea to make their own story instead of continuing the chronology of the Romance Of The Three Kindgom novel. Its not to say its bad or anything, but I though seeing how the battle were based on the actual novel would be a bit more interesting. I know, its not really for me to say… then again, I’m pretty sure a lot of people have already said the whole Ikkitousen series went downhill after Dragon Destiny and I agree with them wholeheartedly.

Basically Xtreme Xecutor was mostly about this character named “Kentei” summoning a great fighters tournament (of some sort, can’t really remember) which actually was a setup for him to eliminate all the 3 main schools and their leaders so that he could take over the region… or something… lulz. Again, it has little to do with the actual Three Kingdom battle so its an all original storyline. Oh who cares… its a bit more interesting that the whole plot in season 3, so I wouldn’t complain as much as that! Haha…

So yeah… all in all I think the fourth season is okay and should be fun to watch and easy enough to follow! Also there were some new characters included in this series so you might have fun watching them battle it out in the anime as well… (what do you expect? Its a fan service anime after all…) Thinking it over, this is far from the end of Ikkitousen. With the manga still ongoing it will be quite a while until the story ends, and who knows what the next season will probably be about. I just hope the next season involves the story more on the actual Three Kingdom, maybe like the “Battle of Xiaoting“, “Zhuge Liang’s Southern Campaign“, “Zhuge Liang’s Northern Expeditions” or something similar… (maybe that is too much to ask though, haha)

With all this said, I think I might wanna pick up Dynasty Warriors 7 and relearn the whole Three Kingdom story again. Maybe better still, I’ll pick up the Romance Of The Three Kingdom book (or something similar) and just read that instead! Haha, how Chinese history can be really fun to learn… XD


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