Ikkitousen: Great Guardians

Kinda forgot to write about this honestly, lol. Managed to finish watching it by 8pm last night and well… I guess what other people said about Ikkitousen: Great Guardians was true. The fact is, after coming from a good season such as Dragon Destiny you would expect this season to be better right? Boy was I totally wrong… its a whole lot (and I mean a lot) worse than the first 2 seasons!!! I mean, its just lack in everything in a sense. The story was mostly boring, the fights was even more boring, and the ending was too lackluster. But yeah, same can’t be said about the fan-service though…

So what exactly is Great Guardian mostly about then? In short, its just a filler series (if I could even call it that) which, at first I though had to do with continuing where season 2 left off, but as I watch there were little (if, at all) progress in the actual story. Feels like the season was “stuck” to a certain space and time, and that almost everything just doesn’t make much sense. (then again, the whole anime doesn’t really make much sense, hahaha…) One of the dead characters who died in season 1 comes back alive only to lose her memory, met some of the main characters and made friends with them when suddenly one villain (or whatever) came along to cause havoc on everyone and stuff. Yeah, I can’t be bothered to explain all of it otherwise I will spoil everyone and just make it sound even more boring.

In the end, it just feels like where the story left off at the end of season 2. I mean, I kinda wasted a whole day watching this and there wasn’t even much of a  plot to follow, and the fan-service is just… fan-service! Not that I’m complaining or anything, but its not exactly “fun” to watch that in broad daylight. *sigh* I’m just disappointed with this season sadly. Just hope season 4 would be better, but I really doubt it… =/

Oh whatever, its okay to watch to say the least but it isn’t really worth watching imo. Even if its just for the sake of watching or keeping up with the series (I think you could get away watching this without knowing what happened in season 1 & 2) just please, don’t waste your time watching this lol. But if you do still want to watch it, at least get a proper 720p rip. At least the animation would look a lot better… (had no idea mine was a tv rip until I started watching, and it was in SD format even! But that was because I downloaded this a long long time ago and only had time to watch it now lol)

Just wanna add a bit here, the Specials was worth watching though even if its only roughly 3 minutes long for each episode. All 6 of them were just pure eye candy! I liked episode 4 the most though, if you know why… XD


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