First of all, let me just say I was not happy at all with what happened earlier last night. (or early mornings if you make a fuss about it) Just when I wanted to do my normal things online (and wanting to write this post as well) the whole neghborhood had a blackout. At first I though my fusebox shorted out when my fan and lights weren’t working, and the the wall socket near my laptop wouldn’t work (and switch to another electrical point) and then finally the whole house had no electricity, which pisses the sh*t out of me. Don’t remember how long the blackout lasted, but by the time I woke up everything was okay again. Thankfully I managed to finish watching Ikkitousen prior to the blackout…

Anyway, maybe I should start talking it about yeah? Then again, what is exactly Ikkitousen about then? As far as I know its based somewhat on the novel Romance Of The Three Kingdom, in a Japanese school setting, and has a lot of fighting and fan-service in it, lol. Other than that, well… there has little do with the actual Three Kingdom story other than the “stones” that the fighter keeps holds a some sort of power or something, and that their “fate” was destined  by the stone or something… I can’t really follow the story as much (the fansub was just awful to say the least) and certainly, as I’ve played Dynasty Warriors for quite a long time (and is more closely related to the novel) the story is just almost nothing in common with the novel that is based on.

Then again, maybe I should just forget that part and watch the anime a bit more. Currently Ikkitousen has aired 4 seasons already and so far I’ve only watched season 1, I have another 3 more seasons to catch up to within this week and hopefully I will have a better understanding of the anime. Currently though, I think Ikkitousen is a bit boring to say the least and I just think the fan-servicing was a bit much. Not to the level of Seikon no Qwaser or Queen’s Blade, but remember that this anime was aired way back in 2003 so I guess both of those shows (especially Queen’s Blade) based their concept on Ikkitousen!

I really do not have a single idea what makes this anime great (like honestly) and seeing how some other people say that season 3 & 4 was even more boring than this I have doubts about picking this up and watching it sadly. But I must go through this anime and finish it nevertheless. Hopefully season 2 (or Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny as its called) would be a bit better than season 1. Oh well, it is still a long week ahead for me before my internship begins… =(


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