Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

Before I start, just wanna point out what my friend posted on my wall in Facebook regarding the powers that the fighers obtain in Ikkitousen; “the stone is passed down through generation, from their ancestor, who’s people from the three kingdom dynasty and each gem, or stone holds the exact same destiny on the character same as their ancestor, e.g how lubu betray his godfather, dongzhuo.” Hope that does clear out some doubts from my earlier post. Now after watching season 2 of Ikkitousen, I think I have a slight better understanding about the anime and how related are the characters are to their ancestors and stuff…

So far I think Dragon Destiny has vastly improved where the first season lacked and turns out its by far the best season of Ikkitousen yet! Most of the characters are more involved than in the previous seasons, as well as a few new characters appearing in Dragon Destiny but most of all, I think the character just look better overall. Not sure if they changed most of the animators or change the style, but a whole lot of improvement none the less. Although I do have to say there are a few characters who look different from the previous season. (Gakushu looks vastly different imo) Not sure if its just me or what, or perhaps maybe it has something to do with video quality… (season one was in SD, and said to be a “DVD rip” while this one was done by a proper fansub group and has a higher quality rip)

Moving onto the actual story, (this part might be a spoiler so please be advised) Dragon Destiny left of where season 1 ended and are now loosely focused on 3 main schools, which are Nanyo Academy (Eastern Wu), Kyosho Academy (Cao Wei) & Seito Academy (Shu Han). (which are roughly based on Three Kingdoms obviously) and throughout the episodes they end up having a battle at the end, called The Battle of Red Cliffs. (or better known as The Battle Of Chibi if you played Dynasty Warriors) Each leader has a power of a dragon which comes from their ancestor and that power, despite making them almost invincible, would have a major impact on their body, as well as their mind and soul (or something like that). Anyway, I could go on about this but I think that should be enough info. If anything, you can always find out more by playing Dynasty Warriors, or read the Ikkitousen manga or even the actual Three Kingdoms novel.

Overall Dragon Destiny is definitely worth to watch, probably more so than the first season. But you would still need to watch the first season in order to know what exactly is happening in the second season. But somehow I feel like this would be the end of the actual story though, as the third and fourth season isn’t really focused on the main characters anymore probably, judging from the Wikipedia page. Then again, I might be wrong… only way to find out is to watch the third season tomorrow and the fourth season the day after! But seeing how the reaction to those 2 seasons weren’t as good as the first 2, I really have my doubts…

Oh, and I did watch the “specials” for this season as well and… lets just say that it was way too ecchi for most people to watch, definitely borderline hentai lol. Those were truly full fledged fan service episodes haha, but too bad its only roughly 3-4 minutes long for each episode (out of 6). =(


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