Ore no Imouto

Just finished watching Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai (that is a heck of a long title, but I’ll say it as Ore no Imouto or Oreimo for short) earlier and well, I guess the anime was so-so in a way. Not to say the anime was boring or anything, but it isn’t exactly as good as I thought it would be either. Its fun to watch for a bit of laughter and seeing how a brother-sister relationship kinda works out, but other than that its… its… its somewhat like your typical school themed anime. Nothing really special or exciting…

So yeah, is there really anything to talk about this anime? Well I guess the only thing I could think of right out of my head is seeing how cute Kirino was in the anime. I wouldn’t actually mind having a younger sister like her, even if her attitude and tsundere will put off most people. Might be a blessing and/or a curse, but she is still too cute for a little sister… (the English translation for the anime title is “My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute” so it kinda expected) LOL, I can’t stop thinking about her since I first heard about this anime, and after watching this makes me wish I really could be with her hahaha… XD

Actually I do want to get a dakimakura of her somewhat when I went to Singapore a few months ago, but the shop didn’t have her or Hatsune Miku, or any other character that I wanted for that matter… *sigh* But never mind that, Kirino is just so adorable!!! Kyaaaaa!!!!~ =D LOL, I think that is all I got to say about the characters though, even if people told me that Kuroneko would make a better little sister, I find Kirino to be for fun and worthwhile to take care off despite whatever downsides she has. With that all and said, I think there were one or two episodes that kinda stand out such as episode 3 and episode 10.

Hmmmm… so what else is there to say besides that again? Yes? No? Oh whatever, I can’t think of anything already… but its kinda funny if anyone had a little sister who is into anime and eroge more than you do such as Kirino, think of all the things you can learn from her that you yourselves wouldn’t know! XD Haha, yeah… so is Ore no Imouto worth watching? Perhaps, of your into these kind of brother-sister love anime, with a side of comedy thrown in. But other than that, as I said earlier… you are better of watching something more worthwhile and interesting. Of course, you would still watch this if you love Kirino and/or Kuroneko… =)

Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai


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