Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Its been  a week or some since I last watch some anime, especially with my final exam in college last week I had to concentrate on that rather than anime (well, I did watch some other things though haha…) Also, I’m “supposed” to have my internship started this week but since my college told me they haven’t arranged my internship venue yet I still have a couple of days/weeks left to watch something.Oh, I kinda forgot to post this one up and had just finished watching it a couple of hours ago and I got to say I kinda liked watching Shinryaku! Ika Musume… degesou!!! XD

All in all, it was just really enjoyable to watch and as is with Mitsudomoe it was a comedy/slice of life anime. You just  have to admit these kinds of anime will always be fun to watch regardless of what the actual settings are. The hilarity of these anime kinda make up for all the lame setbacks lol. Anyway, I’m really not gonna post much on this other than what I’ve just said. Fun to watch? yes, and will I watch the second season? (which is current has been green-lighted and is in development) Definitely… Oh, and how can you hate a moe character like Ika Musume? She is just like… MOOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

But one thing I was really sad about was that the episodes seems kinda short. Well maybe because the fact that there are 3 stories within 1 episodes kinda breaks up the flow of the anime (as I’m kinda used to watching a full episode rather than these “short stories”) but yeah, other than that I also thought the last episode (especially near the halfway mark) was really sad when Ika Musume…. *snip* no, I rather not talk about. You just have to watch it and find out!!! =D Also I thought episode 6 (I think) which had “chibi” Ika Musume was kinda adorable too. ^_^

Okay, maybe that is really it for me. Now to think off something else to watch the next day…


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