Strike Witches 2

Oh wow… I can’t believe its been well over a year since I watched the first season of Strike Witches but after watching the second season I still think this is one heck of a good anime to watch. Well sure, the amount of pantsu in Strike Witches is still as much as the first season (maybe even more?) but I think how the story progress from the last episode of season 1 was what I liked the most. The ending (oh and especially the ending) was one of the best endings I’ve watched in quite some time. I just hope Gonzo don’t ruin it with a third season. (not that I mind)

But I think I third season is highly unlikely gonna happen if you really watched the ending, and yeah… if it does happen, just hope that its a side story like Code Geass. Then again… I think I rather much prefer for Gonzo to do another anime, right after finishing the second season of Saki!!! Anyhow, I won’t say much about the second season of Strike Witches other than I enjoyed watching it and recommend people to watch it just as much as I did with the first season. There were a lot of really cool fighting animation, and not to mention how nice it was to watch in 720p lol… XD

So yeah, this hopefully will be the last of Strike Witches and that Gonzo will work on other stuff now rather than milking Strike Witches for what it is. Their next anime is supposedly gonna be Nyanpire with maybe the second season of Saki (hopefully) start by the end of the year or probably the following year the earliest. Might be a bit bias on this but I have to admit I really do like all the anime Gonzo has produced throughout the years… =)


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