Seikon no Qwaser

Finally after getting some sleep after watching Seikon no Qwaser from the afternoon until the next morning I guess I could finally post this review up, even though it is not gonna be much lol. Anyway, comparing this with Queen’s Blade in terms of fan service and I’m honestly surprised at how much nudity this anime has compared to Queen’s blade!!! Not even a minute into the first episode and there were already a nude scene and already plenty of violence. Sounds a bit much eh? Going through each episode reveals even more violence and nudity lol, and this anime was very close to becoming a full hentai anime! (more on that later) But for now, lets just concentrate on what The Qwaser of Stigmata (the English title by the way) is all about…

So apart other than the mentioned fan service, I think the plot itself revolves around explicit things already so I guess you really can’t avoid the nudity part whatsoever. Basically its about these “Qwasers” (ermmm… not sure how to put it, something like a warrior/fighter who possesses the ability to control elemental powers such as iron, copper, sodium, etc.) acquiring  their powers by sucking “soma” (something like breast milks in other words) from “Maria Magdalen” (women who possesses the ability to give said Soma) in order to fight. Sounds confusing? Well at first I guess it was a bit confusing but once you watch it through you will gradually understand. Also its quite interesting how each women who gives Soma has different effects on their partners and such. Okay, well that was just a rough summary if you wanna know more just check the link above, or probably find it on Google…

Yeah, the amount of fan service in Seikon no Qwaser was just astounding. When I just though Queen’s Blade was the epitome of a fan service anime, this came out last year and I was just in disbelief… well, it was because of this I wanted to watch Seikon no Qwaser in the first place and as I keep watching each episode part by part, I did kinda appreciate the plot of the story and how the story develops. Of course the fan service what makes this anime great and all, but even without it I would pretty much appreciate Seikon no Qwaser for the fight scenes between the Qwasers which is pretty epic imo. Who knew that elements in chemistry would make it so interesting… XD

Oh, and I did mention that this anime was pretty close to being a full fledged hentai anime, but it isn’t… why you ask? Well its probably obvious if you have been watching anime for quite a while but the big difference is Seikon has no actual sex scene in it which avoids being a full hentai. Even with the amount of nudity and violence there were not a single full frontal scene which has a shot of the neither region. Of course there were plenty of topless scenes but that is about it I guess. I do wonder what happens if Seikon no Qwaser does actually end up having a OVA which is almost as good as  Bible Black? Hmmmmm…

Lastly I think I could say that this anime has live up to my expectation and more. A fully fan-serviced action packed anime with a decent story and plenty of characters to drool upon *cough* *cough* and with the second season currently airing I think I will have to watch this again really soon… =D


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