Wow… I never really though how fun it was to watch Mitsudomoe today, I mean… the anime was seriously hilarious to watch and feels so perverted, retarded and downright baffling all at the same time! Its far different than most of the anime I’ve watch this past month and a certain relief that an anime such as this could pull off so many sexual innuendos without it being too much of fan-servicing. Its hard to say to put it in words but… this anime is so moe!!! XD (I guess that is why the called it Mitsudomoe lulz)

Alright then, storyline wise it is pretty much something like a “slice of life” kind of plot which just means there isn’t really much of a “story” per se. I guess its not really that bad to watch an anime without an actual plot as what this anime lacks is made up with tons of comedy and scenes which I cannot describe here in fear of spoiling those who never watched it. Haha, well its mostly comedic though, and nothing else so what else can you say? Oh, and also those parts where they misunderstand each other or the fact that they wrongly assume what the other person is thinking does make the dialogue so funny I could barely even control myself laughing… XD

As for the characters, the three main characters Mitsuba, Futaba, and Hitoha Marui are triplet sisters who each has a different character traits and personalities. They also cause a lot of trouble for their class teacher Satoshi Yabe and which many accidents happens throughout the anime, wish some more funny than others. Seriously, I feel sorry for the teacher having to handle all three of them lil’ devils… but then again I guess that what made the anime so fun to watch. Seeing the teacher succumbed to tears trying to get the Marui triplets to behave and seeing how all his efforts was for nothing in the end… =)

Really, nothing really special to make this anime stand out as much as other similar school-themed slice of life comedy (such as School Rumble and the likes) but somewhat the way the characters are portrayed in this anime (as well as their childish behavior) kinda makes it a bit different than others. Not to mention that this anime has tons and tons of “moe” to make it all up!  Just watch it and see what you guys think! I swear for those who watch this you might be laughing until losing some of your brain cells like I did… ^_^


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