Oh what can I really say about Saki now? Sure the story isn’t really all that amazing (basically its mostly about mahjong, or well… basically Japanese mahjong that is) and well… it has tons of fan-service in it. Simple and yet I kinda been wanting to watch this for quite a while actually. Not sure why, it was definitely not for the amazing storyline or the fan-service lol… (but I got to admit I didn’t mind it one single bit)  then again, maybe it has to do with something with it being made by Gonzo. (the same people who made Strike Witches which I really enjoyed watching!)

Moving on from that, I really have to say I did enjoy watching Saki quite a lot today even for a fact that I knew absolutely nothing about mahjong whatsoever! Oh well, at least I kinda tried to grasp what are all the moves were about and well, it was interesting to say the least… (even if the animation was a bit over-exaggerated for those scenes) Anyhow, apart from that its not really anything special like I said earlier. I really can’t say much about this anime for everyone and I really have no clue what are the plus points are for Saki (apart from the fan-service) but I guess you could try to watch it and find out for yourself. Certainly…  I do have a thing or two to say actually here, with one being about the 2 main characters lol.

Saki and Nodoka (the 2 main characters) are both first year students of Kiyosumi High School, with their fellow school mates from the mahjong club decided to challenge the other schools to be in the national mahjong tournament or some sort. (in short, read the link on the first paragraph if you wanna know more) But one thing I don’t get is why does it (to me anyway) that Nodoka has been portrayed more than Saki? Was it because of her “epic boobs”? (just google images of her and drool upon it…) Well I can’t say really, but I am more attracted to Saki though… =3 (well actually, I’m attracted to a lot of the characters really!)

Another thing I just wanna point out for a bit is that even  if an anime about mahjong is quite boring (unique perhaps, but still…) and with the fan service inside might put off some few people from watching it, there is just a certain charm that Gonzo pulled which makes in enjoyable. Maybe its not their best anime of recent times but if you really do watch it there is something about Saki which makes it so fun to watch lol. Sorry if I had to repeat this line quite a few times but I really have to! Not sure how well the manga is compared to the anime, but I’m sure both will be fun to read and watch… =)

Ending my summary here, I might not really recommend everyone to watch this but if you ware willing to try and watch it then maybe you should. Who knows, maybe you will like it like I did. Also, after watching the ending there is definitely a hint at a second season being made and of course, the story is really far from over really (the manga is still ongoing) and I can’t wait to watch Saki season 2 whenever that may be… (probably sometime this year if I’m lucky)


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