Spice & Wolf II

Continuing where I left off yesterday, and after finishing watching Spice & Wolf season 2 my opinion about the anime has changed quite a lot really. I think season 2 was by far more interesting and fun to watch compared to the first season and I’m glad they made it that way, otherwise it would have lost a lot of fans out there as well lol… Okay, never mind that nonsense for now, what I’m trying to say here… in short, is that the plot really was interesting from the start after how well the ending from the first season and continuing from that. So yeah, I really don’t have much to say here I think…

Apart from praising the second season though and how well each episode were to watch, I think I’m fully convinced that Spice & Wolf is an excellent anime to watch no doubt. All my skepticism from my earlier post is now nothing more than a distant memory. With that said though even after watching Spice & Wolf II until the end, the story seems far from finished  I think. I know that the manga/novel is still being published as to this date, but I wonder if a third season is gonna be made anytime soon? It would be sad if the leave the anime hanging like that… =(

Like I said, I really don’t have much to say on this post actually. Its not like there isn’t anything to say, but rather I’m just too tired to think about what good things to say about season 2 lol. It improves where everything from the first season lacked and made what was an already interesting storyline even more interesting! There is nothing more for me to say other than that and well… I just hope more people would be interested in watching this, especially once you get to watch season 2…


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