Spice & Wolf

When I first watched Spice & Wolf earlier today I thought it was gonna be a pretty boring anime about economics and stuff (even if there is a hot wolf named Horo in it lulz) but after watching halfway through it got quite interesting and somewhat more enjoyable to watch near the end. Actually to tell you the truth, I really didn’t want to watch Spice & Wolf at all actually because of said boring plot, but I think after managing to watch it through the end I think I will have to eat my words and appreciate what a good anime this really is! Okay, but the only reason why I would still watch this in the first place is because of Horo… =P

Moving along, if you actually do know the plot you might think it would be really boring. Really, an anime about economics? Which is buying stuff, selling stuff, trading stuff, making profit, rinse and repeat. It would have really been boring if it were only that, even if the inclusion of a naked wolf (at the beginning anyhow, and in some parts of the episode) named Horo would probably made a bit more interesting but it still can’t hide the fact that it would be pretty boring if it were just that. However, thank god the second part of the season was pretty good, with tons of interesting plot build up and having less to do with making profits and such. Yeah, not bad of an anime I’d say. It is a lot different (plot wise compared to other anime) and it really is what I would call a “thinking person’s” anime. (what I mean by that is an anime that would probably would have make you think a lot…)

Furthermore, everything else about Spice & Wolf just seem pretty splendid from the visuals, the voice acting and even the soundtrack was really good for every aspect. Sadly it really wasn’t that much to my liking, otherwise I would probably call this anime perfect. So it might not really be what I call a perfect anime, but I highly do say that it deserves to be watched. Just that it might be not for everyone… and well, only people who could appreciate these kind of animes would enjoy watching this until the end. All in all, watch it if you think you like it, don’t watch it if you think its boring! With that all said I do think the second season will be a vast improvement over this season. I wonder what adventure will be in store for Lawrence & Horo? =3

(also, I apologize about not posting photos of my Miku Nendoroid yet. Will try to post it in the next couple of days, I promise)


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