Rozen Maiden: Träumend

I’m just at lost for words after I finished watching this… The ending was really downright depressing. Seeing how at the end… all those dolls… well I just have to stop there for a moment so I won’t spoil it for everyone. Yeah, I seriously cried watching this at the end, and I think Traumend did a splendid job continuing where the first season ended. I never expected it to be this good, and I highly praise this anime a lot now, more so than yesterday now that I understand the story and characters more… =)

Well I’m not really gonna write a long post here since I think I already said out a lot in the previous post so I really don’t have to re-describe everything again. Just wanna get to the point of the ending here, and if you think this will be a spoiler then I advice you stop reading this line from here onwards…. seriously. Anyhow, the ending was just really depressing to watch. Seeing how all the Rozen Maiden dolls were to battle each other and to die really was depressing to say the least. At first during episode 9 Souseiseki died when she fought with Suigintou, then at episode 10 Hinaichigo died when she loses all her power (it was because she was weak and had no “medium” or something), after that during episode 11 both Suiseiseki and Kanaria were destroyed in the hands of Bara-suishou and finally on the last episode Shinku died as well, only followed by Bara-suishou to die as well! But all was not that sad though, as somehow right near the end Rozen gave back life to nearly all of them and they were able to live once again, but unfortunately both Souseiseki and Hinaichigo wasn’t able to be brought back to life because their Rosa Mystica were taken by someone else…

All sounds confusing yeah? Well I thought so as well, and since the manga and anime doesn’t share the same storyline its quite hard to tell what exactly is going on. Of course the manga would have a more in depth story about each of the Rozen Maiden dolls, but then again there were some parts where only the anime showed which never appeared in the manga. Oh well, at least it was really nice to watch even though I do still feel sad about the ending. Could there ever be a third season anytime soon? Who knows, as the story didn’t really have a definite ending, and maybe they could make a new season someday. Also I still didn’t watch the Rozen Maiden Ouvertüre OVA yet either, maybe that can shed some light on the story a bit about the origin of each dolls. Interesting to watch as well I might say… =)

Well there you have it, what I really think about Rozen Maiden. If you don’t like it then I’m sorry if I can’t convince you to watch this, but if you do like it then you will probably end up like me and wishing when the next season will ever be made. *sigh* Oh, and somehow even though I did say this was gonna be short, it somehow looked a bit longer than I expected, lol… XD


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