Rozen Maiden

Might be a few years late on watching this, but then again its never too late to enjoy what is already a well known and classic anime! If most people didn’t already know about Rozen Maiden then you would probably know about that certain character (*cough*Suiseiseki*cough* ) who always likes to end her sentences with desu. If no one even knows that then you people should really explore the internet more… Well this is no time to discuss about internet meme here, I’m just gonna continue my review of Rozen Maiden and give what my thoughts are about this wonderful anime. Did I say I really enjoyed watching this?

Moving right along, I can’t really say anything bad about this anime actually. Plot was good, characters were really lovable (and hugable too… =3) without being to kawaii or moe… (okay that was a lie, but at least they weren’t overused like most anime today) and of course the voice over (both in Japanese and English) are quite good. (my anime came with both English and Japanese dubs, but I prefer the Japanese voice actor/actresses for obvious reasons) In my honest opinion, I really have to say this anime is almost perfect. Almost… why almost you asked? Only thing I’m not satisfied with it was that I wished the anime could be made longer… If it were a 24/26 episodes (which makes it a full-arc anime) rather than the 12 episodes (half-arc) it would have made it more enjoyable. I know that there is a season season called Rozen Maiden Träumend. I haven’t watched it yet but I’ll leave my judgment for that on another post. For now though, lets just focus on the first season alone.

Anyhow, I think I pretty much fell in love with this anime since I first heard it but I don’t really know why it took me this long to watch it! I think the earliest I’ve heard of it was somewhere around a few years ago (on 4chan no less) about a girl (that being Suiseiseki) who is a well known meme with her saying “desu” in the picture. Either that, or I somehow remembered seeing a picture of a girl cosplaying Shinku somwhere… (maybe it was on Sankaku Complex) Whatever it is, it took me a while to find out what anime was it from and by the time I found out it probably took me  another month (or year) to actually download it. Then even after I downloaded it and having it sitting in my hard drive I never bothered trying to watch it until now. Boy am I hopeless… =(

Okay, just forget  the last paragraph and continue with my review. So I liked Rozen Maden yeah, and well… I was left pretty satisfied watching it until the end. The ending itself was a bit lackluster to say, but since I knew there was another season that I needed to watch I wasn’t really that unsatisfied. Although I think it would have been a different story if I were to watch it without knowing there was a new season in the works. My conclusion is that Rozen Maiden is definitely a must watch for anyone who enjoys anime, period. There shouldn’t be much of an excuse not to watch it. There is no lewd scenes or any nonsense you get from today’s anime, and well its certainly almost a masterpiece that will be very hard to match. How I wish more anime could be this good… (I think Gosick would be really good as well, but I don’t know much about it as of now. Don’t worry though, I’ll try to watch it someday, whenever that will be…)


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