Hetalia: Axis Power

Hetalia, Hetalia… I really didn’t have any reason to watch this apart from the controversies that was involved with the Koreans were well known online even before the anime aired, and it was this reason why the anime was never broadcast on TV and was only broadcast online. Also I was a bit intrigue about how each of the characters in this anime would represent a country and their stereotypical appearance and traits. I gotta say though, at first it did sound splendid and something different but it was a whole another story when I watched it… and no, it was entirely not what I expected whatsoever.

Anyway, so what is Hetalia about then? To put it short, in my opinion it was about a character named Italy (yes, as in Italy the country) befriending another character named Germany (see where this is going?) when they met each other in the woods. Apparently Italy was a very weak character in the anime, with other countries bullying him and him not being able to fend for himself and have no clue how to fight back! Also he loves pasta… (as it was the first thing he said in the first episode lol) No, but seriously, I have not much clue myself! Haha, well the anime itself is plainly just a comedy, with some slapstick humor thrown in there somewhere. Also, if anyone asks about the storyline… what storyline? Even as I watched all 52 episodes (yes, all 52 episodes! But of course, each episode is only 5 minutes long at most lol) I still didn’t get any idea what the story was about.

Like I said, it was a comedy so I guess I could let that slip by with a plot line I barely even knew about. Well maybe if I read the manga or watched Hetalia: World Series then maybe I would have a better grasp of the story. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t… >_< Okay, with that said though I think Hetalia: Axis Power is okay to watch. Nothing great, but it sure as hell is funny to watch. What is so bad about having countries represented in a moe anthropomorphic way and seeing them fight in a hysterical and childish manner? Yeah, I could watch this and just laugh my head off thinking what would happen if all that happened in the anime would happen in real life? XD

Gonna end with me saying… if I have the time to download and watch Hetalia: World Series, I’ll try my best to watch and understand that instead! (hah, like that ever makes sense…)


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