Queen’s Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono

I’m not really sure what to say about Queen’s Blade honestly. All I can say that the show does have an inconspicuously a lot amount of fan servicing, but somehow comparing this with Queen’s Blade: Rurou no Senshi I think this has definitely been a big improvement from the first season. Although its kinda funny when posted that preview over a year ago, I actually did download all the episodes but I’d never thought I would be able to watch this! Had so many other anime to watch after that and well… as new anime keeps popping out I kinda forget to watch this one. Thankfully I did watch this, even if its a bit late…

So to start with what I think about Gyokuza wo Tsugu Mono, as I said earlier it was a definite improvement over last season but I never thought it would be this good though. The first season did have some interesting battles and some sort of story line but the fan-serviceness was overused and well… that was about it I guess. This one however had a better, more confirming plot and somewhat managed to make the viewer appreciate the actual anime more rather than just the fan-service. Of course, the fan-service has always definitely been there. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be Queen’s Blade now would it? =P

Yeah, apart from that I really don’t have much to say here apart from the fact that I had stayed up this late once again just to watch some “fan-service” anime lol. Nah… but seriously, if anyone was put off by the first season then I think those people should reconsider watching Queen’s Blade again. Still, this isn’t for everyone though. If you look these kind of semi-ero anime then I guess there is no complaint from you guys, but if anything this is a family oriented anime then you are seriously misinformed. (then again, most anime aren’t really family oriented anyhow lol) Haha… I honestly not sure what to say here, I don’t really wanna spoil anyone reading this on the ending if they haven’t watched it. But I’ll tell you, the show did made me weep a bit somewhere in the middle and near the end, but of course it wasn’t as sad as watching the ending of Angel Beats! from yesterday…

So there you have it, a review and summary that isn’t really a review or a summary. Thank you for wasting your time reading this, hahahahaha… XD Okay, with that said… I do think Airi is pretty hot in this season. =3 Ah… can’t wait to watch the Queen’s Blade OVA though, but it might take some time for me to download each episode (and watching it of course). I do wonder what happens after the ending of this one… =/


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